How can I make my life more positive?

Positive mindset is much hyped motivation mantra of modern generation which is leading to severe depression and suffering to the people of the world.

You must think positive, but not all the time.

There are times, when negative mindset plays important role.

When I was a tax Commissioner, I used to think of all possibilities ‘why my tax raids would fail’. For example,

  • Informer may be giving false information
  • Information may be true but outdated
  • Information may leak out the evader gets alerted
  • Officers may misbehave with the taxpayers
  • Officers may make a deal during the raid
  • Taxpayer may not cooperate during raid
  • Taxpayer may try to influence me through politicians
  • Taxpayer may lodge false case against the officers

I would, therefore, be mentally prepared for all eventualities.

It has been my experience that such ‘negative’ thoughts only helped me plan better raids and improved the possibility of success of raids considerably.

  • It is foolish to always think like angel when the world is full of devils.
  • You must have the ability to think like a devil to defeat devils in the real world.

All negative thoughts like fear, hatred, failures, pain or disgust have a purpose in life.

Negative thinking is as critical for achieving success in life as the positive thoughts.

The excess of positive mindset is as dangerous as the negative mindset.

Please don’t attempt to develop positive mindset in all times in all situations.

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